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Are You Tired of Paying High Gas Prices?

If Al Gore and Barack Obama Succeed in Killing the Keystone Pipeline, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Tens of thousands of new jobs, BILLIONS of dollars added to our economy and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil are huge steps in the right direction for America.

But radical “Greens” are waging a last-minute “War on Energy” to KILL the environmentally-friendly Keystone Pipeline Project which would allow America to tap into Northwest American vast oil fields.

It’s up to you and me to stop them. Please sign the petition below by completing the form on the right. Your signature will help communicate to the State Department the importance of an IMMEDIATE approval of the Keystone Pipeline.

You see, the Keystone Pipeline project has met all criteria necessary to launch and is in its final stage of approval – but the radical environmentalists are pulling out all the stops!

That’s why your action is so important. This is a numbers game, plain and simple. If you and I can gather more petitions in support of the Keystone Pipeline than the radical environmentalists are able to generate, we will win!

American Tradition Partnership (ATP) will hand-deliver your signature and thousands more to send a loud-and-clear message that the American people have HAD ENOUGH of the radical environmentalists’ last-ditch attempts to destroy jobs, increase fuel prices and wreck our economy.

We MUST mobilize now – American jobs and prosperity hang in the balance. Sign the petition today.



147 Responses to “Are You Tired of Paying High Gas Prices?”

  1. Carol Huber says:

    It’s time you help the people in this Country!! Vote yes on the Keystone Pipeline.

  2. Nancy North says:

    Unemployed American citizens need the jobs the Keystone Pipeline project will generate.

    The Keystone XL project is a safer and cleaner way to transport oil. The stable energy supplies will lower fuel prices.

    We need your support! Help our economy by permitting the Keystone XL Pipeline project to move forward as soon as possible.

  3. Michael Bocox says:

    What good is protecting the environment if it comes at the cost of killing our economy. God made a world where animals are able to adapt or to become extinct, it is the cycle of life and who are we to challenge his grand plan. Thousands of hard working Americans have suffered enough from the TYRANNY of OBAMA and his Go Green projects. The tax payers have poured BILLIONS of DOLLARS in to failed companies for nothing more than to provide Obama’s cronies a FREE RIDE on OUR BACKS. We need a break and this pipeline will help Americans and provide jobs. I know Obama doesn’t care about me or anyone else but himself, he has successfully destroyed the United States of America and all it stands for. We need to take America back and restore it to its former glory. GOD Bless the USA

  4. Bennie Ray Srephens says:

    I signed the petition before and I am still of the same mind Obama made a very big Mistake when he had the chance to pass the Keystone pipeline and as I stated there are more spills on the Highways with the Tanker Truck haveing wrecks and also the same with the Tanker ships there has been more oil spills with these two types of transporting then any pipeline has ever spilled I have worked in the oil fields as a Driller also as a roustabout. and have layed many miles of pipe allover the USA and there has been no spills of any measure to contaminate any large area of land ,water or other. this Keystone pipeline would be getting closer to Okla . where we have lines all over the state and Obama approved this branch of it why didn’t he put millions of people back to wor helping construct this there are many different types of contractors that make up of laying a pipe line. But this is what happens when you have a President that has never worked a day in his lif it’s all been handed to him on a plater. and the Congress has an impeachment document they have set on for over 4 months it was sent to Congress by Senator Jones of Kentucky with a cluse in it about Obama not conforming to use the constitution instead of trying to do away with it and the keeping people out of work was a pretty good start. he has to go (Back to Mombasa Kenya where he has been sending millions to up grade Kenya and for them to build a statue of there favorite son.. I am still pissed off he’s not the Kind of President I fought in Korea and nam and came home 19% disabled in 1968. Thank you for your Service helping the American people keep what so many of my Military Buddies Fought in WW11 Korea, Nam, Iraq, Afganastan. Somilia, Panama ETC. Your Native American Friend. Ben Stephens

  5. Loren K. Jensen says:

    We need this pipeline! It needs to be managed the same as any other resource. If we only use a portion of it’s capacity, it’s OK, because the infrastructure will be in place for a future need just like any other resource.

    If decisions about this pipeline are made to advance one’s career and secret agenda or to placate a third party’s agenda, our politicians need to be replaced. We need people who are committed to the United States of America and who will protect and properly manage the strategic resources which have been placed in our trust.

  6. Randy Beltz says:

    President Obama and his puppet, Harry Reid must be forced into seeing that the Keystone XL Pipeline becomes reality. This President loves to talk about the “do nothing” Republican Congress but fails to mention the “table everything” Senate majority leader, Harry Reid. This particular project offers a plethora of both good paying jobs (many of them would be Union jobs) and another big step towards energy independence. Why is the President and the Democratic party so staunchly against allowing this project to move forward? What special agenda do you and this administration have that would stop a project that offers so many positives and so few negatives? The time for action is NOW. Don’t let President Obama’s pitiful political ambitions (or other special interests) get in the way of doing what’s right for America. Feel free to call me if you need some additional advice or just want to talk things through. I’m always available at 412-417-7401

    Sincerest Regards,

    Randy Beltz
    Pittsburgh, PA 15239

  7. Michael Burke says:

    To whom it may concern,
    Volkswagen is producing a diesel engine here in the United states, it gets approximately 80 miles to the gallon. We could be using this engine in the USA but because it is so efficient, it defeats our fuel tax per gallon. This highly efficient engine is only available overseas NOT HERE.
    We complain about the price at the pump’s but the solution is made here in America. We are unable to use it due to bureaucratic red tape on fuel tax. This is an issue is more important than the pipeline and needs to be addressed immediately.

    Michael Burke

  8. Alfredo says:

    Obama is an anti America and he is out to destroy the USA. His mission is to cause such harm in the economy that we will be forced to go into socialism and then perhaps into communism. That means first of all to lose our freedoms. If this guy wins again America will never ever be the same so we must try our best not to lose these elections because it will be over. As a kid I lived in Cuba when it went communism and you people have no idea how bad that system is. It would be horrible to lose your freedoms that you take for granted here. The government will control everything. People I have lived the monster and you don’t want to go through that.

  9. John Wooten says:

    In this recession, we cannot afford to let oil prices rise any further than they have already. Canada is a great ally and we need to work with them on this. In addition, this oil will go to China if we don’t build the pipeline. I would rather the jobs stay here in the US.

  10. Rondal E. and Rose M. Puckett says:

    PAC adonations to polititions is driving the sky-high fuel prices—In other words our votes are being sold to the oil companies so our congress looks the other way. It’s not one party: they’re all in it together for the pay-off.—We must vote out every incombant to get our gov. back into the hands of the people. Stop dancing around the problem and do something and the people will back you 100 %.

  11. Mary says:

    Not only do we the people need to stop Obama and the Czars along with the “green energy ?”from raising our gas prices, we need to:Close down the crone capitalism ,stop the abuse of entitlement programs, cut the government in half. Reverse strangulating regulations. Give control back to the people , for the people. Stop the illegal entry, deport illegals as our Constitution states. Get rid of the do nothing Congress, starting with Polisi and Reed.Vote them all out. How long has it been since the Dem congress has proposed a budget ?

  12. RUSSELL PACE says:


  13. John Ollis says:

    Obama even if you do Start the Keystone XL Project Now ,You will still pack your bags and hit the highway. There won’t even be a job for you in this Country anywhere…………….. Be Sure to take That UGLY wife of yours with you.

  14. Robert Schulte says:

    How can you believe you can continue to fund the bloated federal government and it’s entitlement programs without private sector jobs?

  15. C. Lee Berry says:

    As a senior living on a very limited income, I see every tax increase and every failure to make us less dependent on foreign oil as a personal blow against me and my family. Our leaders, both elected and appointed, should simply clear their heads and minds and do what is right for the good of our country.

  16. M. Reed says:

    Rediculous that we can’t have the pipeline, and it will then go to China.
    Takes brains!!

  17. Dear sir or madam what ever you are do not try to stop keystone pipeline the american economy is in a bad shape anyhow

  18. Jack E. Lydic says:

    President Obama and Secretary Clinton,

    Please start helping the people who are paying you to do a job. I am refering to the American people.

  19. Cecil C Poe says:

    It is emperitive that we construct the XL pipeline so our people can get back to work and feed their families!
    Cecil C Poe

  20. JUDY SIMMONS says:

    Pass the Keystone XL Pipeline and put it into action; otherwise you are stomping out jobs which you say you want to add. Kiss – people need jobs and you need tax money. Better yet, let’s put it this way, let the people vote you out in fairness; we want to keep our freedoms that you are stomping on. Now, a turn around is in order and the election will settle it! Good day.

  21. Dow Thompson says:

    american jobs–less dependence on foreign powers–stronger economy–cheaper fuel,

  22. Charles Mayo says:

    I really think the Keystone XL pipeline should be passed to benefit the American
    People. And also create JOBS. Can’t see why not pass it

  23. Barry Udcoff says:

    The UN controlling the US? I don’t believe we should continue to even a member.

  24. Tim Ray says:

    Ive had enough of the goverment violating our rights and the corrupt communist ideas of ruling a once great country that men have died t o make it free of communism

  25. Larry Johnston says:

    For thirty years the anti-drill crowd have said ” It will take ten years” to bring in wells to curb the shortage. This is the height of stupidity. Citizens demand the energy dept. be disbanded and /or shut down completely. Enough of these political games. Drill, and lets get on with a revival of the American Dream! Build the pipeline now!

  26. Dorothea Shine says:

    I am sick and tired of paying the gas prices that have risen so drastically since Barack Obama has been in office. I think he wants us to be dependent on the mid-east. I hope this position does something positive. Please permit the Keystone XL project to move forward immediately, if not sooner.

  27. Albert A. Mackay says:

    I am sick and tired of having to be dependent on high priced oil from our enemies when we have an opportunity to import oil from Canada via the Keystone Pipeline. For the sake of American prosperity, jobs and security, I urge you to use all of your influence to get the Keystone Pipeline approved and underway immediately.

  28. Patrick R. Dunmire says:

    I view the Keystone Pipeline as an opportunity for America.

  29. Linda M Smith says:

    I ‘m one of WE THE PEOPLE
    get the pipe line going now and not to CHINA to the USA

  30. JOHN HUCKABY says:

    They should open all aveanes to get are own fuel sorce, I use to work in a refinery in Bakersfild Cal and I do know there is plenty of Crud to be had here in the USA !!!!!

  31. Don Kliewer says:

    Please support the North American population. The price of crude oil is choking the average American. Oil has caused inflation that far exceeds the average wage. We need leadership that will stand up and do the right thing for it’s tax paying citizens.

    Let’s create more gainful employment, and self reliance!

  32. mike gannon says:

    lets get this thing done and stop obama and his band of theives!

  33. John Brancato says:

    During a time when there are few people working and fuel prices are soring, The Keystone Pipeline can do three things:
    1) It will put people to work;
    2) It will put feul prices back in line;
    3) It will lessen our need for Middle East oil.

  34. Marshall Mckenna says:

    I am 65. I have served my country, paid ALL my taxes on time, raised a family of 6 and celebrate with 11 grand children. Now, not later is the time to leave them a legacy of being given a chance at life. I serve a God and family. I have paid my debts. Please Mrs. Clinton, DO NOT fail us with your idealism of liberalism.

  35. carolyn sykes says:

    We’ve had enough of you liberals and your job and country destroying policies. Hillary, we thought you were much smarter than this and we would have voted for you instead of this KNOW NOTHING COMMUNITY ORGANIZER we got for a president for whom we did not vote.

  36. Joseph A. Koehne says:

    Obama Administration, I’m tired of paying high gas prices that are killing my budget. Approve the Keystone Pipleine NOW!, if you really care about the middle class!

  37. Ed Norton says:

    Dear Secretary Clinton:

    Please help reduce our unemployment and gas price crises by allowing the Keystone XL Pipeline project to move forward.

  38. Barr Scott says:

    pass the keystone pipeline.

  39. Clifford Palmer says:

    We need to independent from foreign oil in order to truly be a free country. And we must return to doing God’s laws for he has promised (Hosea 4:6) to forget our children if we forget his laws. And those laws have nothing to do with Islam!

  40. We are now experiencing corruptions at all levels of Government. The Federal Gov’t
    is broken and cannot be fixed, it needs being replaced, period, along with a lot of other
    Federal agencies!! I hope and pray that come November, we can get started towards
    that goal!

  41. Ron Travis says:


  42. Suzanne Childs says:

    I am unable to bring the petition up for signing. Nothing happens when I click on “sign here”.

  43. ROBIN M WESTROPE says:

    Kill the environmental mentality and use our oil.

  44. Scott Finley says:

    we need this

  45. diane drury says:

    Go green can go take a hike!

  46. kevin abels says:


  47. Robert Kahlcke says:

    Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project forthwith.

  48. Willam Lanning says:

    We need the jobs and we need the oil.Stop selling oil to foreigners and keep it ouselelvess

  49. ERNIE BERG says:

    i agree with the petition. Where do i sign?

  50. Lucille Joyner says:

    Where the hell do you sign this letter? It’s VERY confusing.

  51. Deanna Glanville says:

    We need to put pele to work and our country needs the energy.

  52. Gordon Fulton says:

    Let the oil flow

  53. Lyn Hoffman says:

    The pipeline needs to go through. It would supply much needed jobs and stop our dependence on foreign oil.

  54. Jeffrey Duff says:

    Don’t be STUPID. Start that KEYSTONE PIPELINE TODAY. I’ve never heard of such a STUPID DECISSION in my life. Giving 80 Billion Dollars to Brazil so they can Reap the Profits of our own money. How STUPID can they be ?????????

  55. Harold Dean Gates says:

    It makes no economical sense to delay the pipeline, maybe political sense, but I doubt that there more voters against the pipeline than there are for building it as quickly as possible.
    We will remember in November.
    Hows that for a slogan: Remember in November.

  56. Frank J. Kormos says:

    Please approve the pipeline.
    Correcting other letter.

    Frank J. Kormos

  57. Sheila Fleenor says:

    I was unable to find the petition unless this is where I submit my signature.

  58. Bob Lehrer says:

    Answer two questions. Why aren’t you Democraps not allowing the pipeline to go through? And, what is the hold up? I am ashamed of your party as you are trying to destroy this country so you can become rich.

  59. George Ray says:

    I support the Keystone pipeline.

  60. Helen Kintner says:

    Approve the pipeline now!

  61. Jorgen Andresen says:

    It is absolutely disgusting how our so called President is preventing the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, when so many people are out of work and gasoline prices are going up and. It makes no sense at all and the more reason we need to replace the dictator, who is only concerned about himself.

  62. Mary Olson says:

    We, the American people need to have access to inexpensive gasoline and the pipeline must be started and continue until American Oil is pumped to refineries.
    The price of fuel is way to high for many of us to afford to purchase the fuel.
    Thank you for reading this, please give your full attention to this matter
    Mary Olson

  63. Linda Conner says:

    It is time to quit playing around with the Keystone XL Pipeline. You know it can help American’s in so many ways so why are you being so difficult? Help American’s get back on their feet and quit killing us with your crazy wrong decisions.

  64. Amos L. Heard says:

    I believe the number one reason is. You cannot turn a prospreous county into a social society. The U.S. has to have a negative economy inorder for Obama to roll the U.S. over to a Socilistic Society. If it is for progress Obama will be against it no matter what industry it is. It is part of Rockefellers and many others plan.

  65. Jerry Warunek says:

    It is important that you pass the KEYSTONE PIPELINE…………..

  66. Richard Selle says:

    The pipeline is totally necessary for our country both in the area of jobs and for its effect on the price for gasoline. Please see that this is approved as soon as possible as it was studied for a sufficient period of time

    Thank you and have a good day.

  67. Ernest V. Harbin says:

    Pass this environmentally friendly action to lower prices and create jobs.

  68. James Murray says:

    Stop the unending taxes and fees on Americans! We want lower gas prices!

  69. Floyd Vassalotti says:

    I support the Keystone pipeline for the benefit of America and stop our dependence on foreign oil.

  70. David Reid says:

    Please approve the Keystone XL Project.

  71. Robert L. Young says:

    There is no good reason to hold up the Keystone pipeline project.

  72. Robert Bogari says:

    This pipeline is a no brainer, good for the economy.

  73. Ronald M Arko says:

    vote the bumb out, he never did any good for the country

  74. Dorsey White says:

    We have enough oil in our own country we do not need to buy from another country furthermore we have not built and oil refinery since 1972 40 yr. ago. Back then gasoline was only 30 cents a gallon a far cry from 3.99 a gallon today.

  75. Sarah B Davis says:

    Its time we stood up and said enough is enough. We have resources and should take advantage of them

  76. Edward Mondale Billadeau says:

    Secretary Hillary Clinton,

    Please let the pipeline go through. This would help America in jobs and in prosperity. I will be eagerly watching to see how this plays out.


    E. Mondale Billadeau

  77. frank hendricks says:

    BHO & gang are in chaos because of all the support they’re losing. The only way they can prevail is to cheat the Nov. election in every way possible, which is what they will do. We have been duped as a nation by Obama once; I just pray to GOD that we won’t let it happen again.

  78. robert miller says:

    Tar n feather ‘AliBama & The 40 Thieves (Soros,Alinski, Rahm Immanuel , Janet Napalatino), & the whole brass knuckles bunch from Chicago’ & put em on the next mule to Kenya or Egypt. That would destroy their countries too.

  79. Deanna Glanville says:

    We need to put people to work and we need the energy.

  80. Elizabeth Moak says:

    The petition will not show in my browser, I am using Google Chrome and also checked my Internet Explorer.

  81. Joyce Sawyer says:

    It is important that the Keystone Pipline Project move forward ASAP. Please do what you are able to bring this about. Thank you. Joyce Sawyer

  82. Leslie A. Rutherford, Jr says:

    I think the State Department support IMMEDIATELY approve the Keystone Pipeline. I also think obama should get off his behind and sign it before he is replaced by Mr.Romney. At least he will have done something good while in office this pass going on 4 years other than waste money.

  83. DEVON DAHL says:

    Build the pipeline; open federal land to drilling; open up offshire drilling; stop the bureacracy. Obama quit taking credit for what you refuse to do.

  84. John Binns says:

    I am tired of special interest groups getting their way. We need the Keystone XL Pipeline approved right now! It is good for America.

  85. Kenneth A. Brier Sr. says:

    Obama stop fleecing America. Stop the increase in gas prices.

  86. William Allred says:

    Please allow the pipeline to go forward.

  87. Lorraine Madden says:

    Please pass XL Pipeline bill

  88. Greg Larson says:


  89. John Klipp says:

    While development of alternative energy is important (and progressing) it is imperative that we use energy that is safely at hand to keep energy available and affordable to everyone. The Keystone XL Pipeline is and example of what we should be doing.

  90. Anna McCubbin says:

    The people of America need cheeper gas prices and job for American citizens.

  91. wayne cotton says:

    Lets get the keystone xl pipeline started.

  92. J.R. Harvey says:

    Lower gas prices are attainable via self-producing!

  93. Rich Bergstrom says:

    approve the pipeline. Amercia needs jobs now. Your future and our future depends on new jobs. God help us and God Bless the USA

  94. joan johnson says:

    We need to get obama and his friends out.

  95. Leland Rilea says:

    Please get out of the way and let our business including the Key Stone pipe line help get our country back.

  96. Robert Bedient says:

    America has the resources to be energy independent and needs to be developing
    these as soon as possible and quit shipping our money and jobs to nations
    that do not have our best interest in mind.

  97. Lorraine Madden says:

    Please pass the Pipeline bill

  98. William F Upton says:

    Please make sure. The Keystone pipeline is built!

  99. Joseph Finney says:

    It is time to put America first.

  100. Frank J. Kormos says:

    Please appeove the oioeline.

    Frank J. Kormos

  101. Peter Rahm says:

    Please approve the pipeline asap
    Thank You

  102. David Grosshuesch says:

    I strongly agree with this letter.

  103. IOAN DIRINA says:

    I can smell victory in Tea Party movement !

  104. maurice carney says:

    Let’s create american jobs!

  105. Rocky Duff says:

    Enough of the political Childs play, it us past time to put this country first again and stop the agenda lobbist

  106. Jim and Penny Backer says:

    We don’t want to depend on the government to supply our needs. We want jobs for Americans and be an independent nation, not having to rely on some other nation for fuel. We have the resources.

  107. Ford R. Smith says:

    We need that pipe line.

  108. Martin weinberg says:

    Build the pipeline.

  109. Keith Siebert says:


  110. anne bradford says:

    Please approve the pipe line drilling.

  111. miller says:

    Proceed with the keystone pipeline project. Please do the will of the people. American interests SHOULD come BEFORE the N.W.O.!
    Thank You!
    J. Miller

  112. Kenneth A. Brier Sr. says:

    Stop the rise in gas prices Obama. You can’t use our tax dollars to line your friends pockets.

  113. Peter Shutts says:

    Dear Ms Clinton,
    i urge you to help the American people become less dependent upon the Arab Oil Giants.

    please move the pipeline project ahead.

  114. Steve Hoffman says:


  115. IOAN DIRINA says:

    Please visit my site and enjoy a free and unique reading;some excerpts there you will like to read. Kind regards, Ioan Dirina,author

  116. Loren Mercer says:


  117. mary wilaon says:

    Let the pipeline go forward

  118. Nina Hornberger says:

    We need to be self supportive and that means we need to use our own resources not out of country. This is our country and we need to take care of our own.

  119. Frederick P. Turner says:

    We need the Keystone Pipeline! Let’s start to rely on N. American oil.

  120. J.R. Harvey says:

    Please do ALL YOU CAN to allow America to produce their own gas, by what ever means it takes.

  121. Floyd Rainey says:

    I am in total support of the Keystone Pipeline to provide jobs and to help our country get away from foreign oil.

  122. Zane Mackie says:

    WE Need jobs and lower energy prices, please help

  123. Evelyn Mills says:




  124. Ronald Albrecht says:

    Our gas prces are killing hard workig Amercans. Pass Keystone Pipeline project NOW!

  125. Carmelo Grasso says:

    I support the Keystone XL Pipeline and I support those who also support the project.

  126. Elva Lembke says:

    Let’s all do our best to make our country strong again.
    We need to keep our jobs and our oil in our country and
    only import from our real friends!!

  127. Robert Haver says:

    There isn’t any honest reason to delay approving this project.

  128. Derel Schrock says:

    Quit ruining our economy and approve the Keystone pipeline before the Chinese take over Canadian oil!

  129. tommy haney says:

    We are almost at the end of our rope, start the PIPELINE

  130. Brian McGinnis says:

    Less government equals more private jobs. Less government equals more energy for our country.

  131. james Greene says:

    Stop sending our money to people that only want to destroy us.

  132. Carl G. Wirth says:

    Stop sending our money for oil to the Mid East. We need oil and let drill.

  133. Leonid Bokarius says:

    Gas price hike is just a part of ruining our great country by current so called president

  134. Marlene Whitten says:

    We need this pipeline to help lower gas prices.

  135. Steeve Prentice says:

    Its time we start using the oil that is being found here in the USA, but shipped to another country.

  136. salvador Perez says:

    Fire Obama! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Jay Stephen says:

    Approve the Keystone Pipeline

  138. Melissa Hood says:


  139. Regina Hite says:

    Enough of Obama creating more debt for we the people. Time to take a stand.

  140. Tom Martin says:

    The Keystone pipeline is essential for the future of the USA

  141. Frank K. Nash says:

    Hard time signing, comes up page broken.

  142. Michael Wells says:

    Not approving this is a threat to the security of the United States.

  143. John L. Jordan says:

    I support the Keystone Pipeline!

  144. Edwin Lehan says:

    This is very crucial to improve our economy!!!

  145. Michael Lanouette says:

    pass the bill

  146. Tim Heape says:

    Obama has to be removed from office. He is illegitimate. He is not a natural born citizen pursuant the Superme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. Only one his parents is a citizen of the United States.
    (See …http://www.theobamafile.com/obamanaturalborn.htm)

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